Crazy Funny Mug and Cup Gifts

Apart from having a good meal at halal restaurants in new york,  there is no better and loyal friend in this world than a mug of coffee. A coffee mug saves you at a time of embarrassment as well as sadness. It pats you at the back, and says: “ I am with you.” I call coffee my constant friend. Gifting weird cups to your nearest and dearest ones is the coolest gift ever. If your spouse, co-worker, or friend is a caffeine addict, give them these crazy funny mugs and cups, and enjoy their surprises.

Girls Leggie Mug
This is the best mug that you can give to your male as well as female friend. Both of them would appreciate your thoughtfulness. It’s a mug whose handles are made of legs. Each time your friend holds a mug by the weird legs of a girl, it will definitely crack them up.

Mr. and Mrs. Mug with Heart
These are a couple of mugs that make a heart when joined. Couples enjoy time sipping tea or coffee together. You can add to their fun by giving them a romantic mug set. This mug set is made of ceramic that looks splendidly beautiful in the hands.

Dancing Cup
If your friend or spouse loves to dance, serve them coffee in this lovely dancing cup. There are several types of dancing cups, but we love the ice dancing cup. Buy the Olaf dancing cup and enjoy your best time of the day with your bestie in this funny cup.

Hidden Animal Cup
This is the unique way of surprising your guests. Enjoy the reaction of your guests as they sip the coffee till it is half in volume. As the hidden animal appears, record their reaction and post it on your social media. It’s going to be funnier than you can imagine.

Oink oink cups
These are perfect prankster cups. Oink oink cups have the nostrils of pigs drawn at its base. As your friend or loved one lifts the cup above, you can capture the moment with your camera. The picture will show your friend with a large piggy nostril. This is the funniest as well as the happiest mug to give to your friend.

Coffee Cup in a Spill Shape
This is a funny cup set whose surface is shaped like a Spill. If your friend or spouse is a collector of coffee cups, give them the best spills of their life. Spills are a good part of coffee lovers’ life. So, give them the same and let them enjoy

Coffee Mug with Teeth
This has to be the funniest mug gift idea. Even when your friend is filled with anxiety, this cup will cheer him or her up with its wide teeth smile. As he or she puts her lip on the side teeth for sipping the drink, he or she will get happier indeed. You can also choose different colors of teeth to add a pinch of humor.

Bottom Line
These are some of the best mug ideas that will spread a good smile on your face. It will definitely also let the receiver know that you are a thoughtful and caring friend or spouse. So, buy your loved ones’ these cups or mugs and add humor to their daily routine.