Discover the Top Reasons to Live in Singapore

It is never an easy task for you to choose a place you can call home. This decision requires some careful thought and consideration and enough time to gather the information and data you need. If you are planning to relocate and you are looking for that perfect place, below are the top reasons in Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident and living in Singapore that will convince you to move to the Lion City soon.

A Country That Boasts of Safety
Safety is never a concern in Singapore. This is because the crime rates in the country are among the lowest in the whole world, most of which are primarily cybercrimes. It is also considered safe to travel around Singapore at any given time of the year of the year whether to look for halal singapore eateries or more, even if you are alone no matter what your gender might be.

This sense of safety also extends to the children, making it one of the most attractive reasons to live in Singapore, especially for families. The country has very strict laws and severe punishments. Everyone in Singapore is subjected to the country’s law, including local citizens, expats, and tourists.

A Quality of Life You Will Appreciate
One aspect of life in Singapore that expats love and appreciate is the cleanliness of the city. Strict laws implement a fine of $500 if you drink or eat in public transports, for example. This is the price to pay to enjoy well-maintained and perfectly clean public areas, green space, and transportation.

When it comes to cost of living, the country is among Asia’s most expensive countries yet it manages to provide a very high living standard. Housing in particular can be a bit expensive that depends on the specific part of Singapore you choose to live.
You can choose from and enjoy different types of food in country including Western, Chinese, Malaysian, or Thai food to suit all budgets. These range from the local hawker centers to more luxurious and lavish dining experiences.

Singapore also takes pride in having one of the world’s best healthcare systems with its well-trained doctors and high-end medical facilities. But, this also comes with a hefty price since the country has a very expensive healthcare. It is also highly recommended for expats to get a private health insurance.

A Paradise for Businesses
Singapore is among the best cities in the world for doing business. A lot of startups and large international companies have offices based in the country. For those who are thinking of starting an entrepreneurship career, Singapore ranks 10th based on the “starting a business” criteria, making it much farther ahead of several developed countries like the US that ranks 49th and France on the 32nd spot. Singapore also has very low rate of unemployment, nonexistent corruption unlike other countries in Asia, and attractive tax rates for firms and individuals alike.

Gateway to the Exotics
The last but definitely not the least of the reasons to live in Singapore is none other its geographic location. The city has the perfect location between Indonesia and Malaysia and a short distance away from other destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, or Philippines. If you want to relax on sandy beaches or go hiking in the mountains, you can visit several countries easily even if you are on a budget.