Halal Holidays Turkey Worthy of Your Time

There are numerous Halal destinations around the world, whether you are looking for a halal hotel restaurant singapore or halal food london has to offer, or Muslim friendly accommodations in European cities. However, Turkey is truly a destination that offers an infinite list of opportunities. For people searching for the best halal holidays Turkey, you will surely appreciate the country’s selection of female only facilities and halal resorts combined with its bustling streets and serene landscapes.

Today, it has become easier than ever to spend your halal holidays in the country. Instead of using up your precious vacation time looking for the perfect halal hotel or halal activities to try, it would be best to plan your itinerary well ahead of time. Even though Istanbul is among the top destination spots in the country, there are still a lot of places that you can visit, ranging from arenas, shopping centers, and beaches. Here is a quick look at the exciting activities that await you during your halal holidays Turkey:

Some might not know it but Ankara is actually the capital of Turkey and this is also the country’s second largest city. The place is filled with accommodations with ratings of 2 stars to 5 stars, which means that there is always something in store to suit every budget. With its selections of stadiums, museums, and shopping spots, Ankara has plenty to offer for each and everyone. There is also Ankara Castle, a place worthy to visit as it has been standing tall in place since the medieval times.

Your halal holidays Turkey will never be complete if you don’t get to visit Antalya. This is the perfect way for you to bask in the scenery of Istanbul with the cable car trips that can take you up Mount Tahtali, access to beaches, and the summertime Antalya sand festival. Once you get to the mountain, the ruins of Phaselis are another amazing place you should check out. This is an ancient Lycian City with remaisn including an amphitheater and several houses.

The premier destination of Turkey, Istanbul has dozens of five and four star accommodations, with a range of Muslim-friendly hotels that you can choose from. On top of that, there is also an abundance of attractions in Istanbul. The usually mistaken capital of Turkey, the city of Istanbul sits on both Asia and Europe rich in history. This is where you can enjoy the combination of the traditional eastern city and the modern western city that makes it the perfect culmination of bygone eras.

You can enjoy bartering in the Grand Bazaar or go on an exciting tour in the historic sites of Hagia Sofia, the Sultanahmet area, Topkapi Museum, and Blue Mosque. Ride the tram across Bosphorus and sip high tea at Kempinski Ciragan Palace prior to embarking on a shopping spree in Istiklal Caddesi and Taksim. You can also enjoy a calming walking on the shores of the blissful beaches located on the southern portion of the country, a famous destination among Muslim tourists.

If you have always dreamed of having halal holidays Turkey, don’t miss the chance to check out the above destinations and try the Muslim-friendly activities they have to offer.