How to Get Rid of Obstructions to your Goals

Obstructions are hindrances or anything that prevents or slows you down from achieving your goals. Before you can truly accomplish success, you must first get rid or overcome your obstructions. Before we proceed, it is helpful to list down all your obstructions, then group, cluster or link certain obstructions in your lists together. Sometimes a particular obstruction might cause or be caused by another, and eliminating the chief obstruction will eliminate the others that are caused by it.

For example, if you list as one of your obstructions your severe acne problem, then you might also list your lack of self-confidence and your lack of physical attractiveness as separate obstructions. If you somehow solve your acne problem (through medication, diet or some holistic therapy), your self-confidence and physical attractiveness problems will also go away automatically.

Now look at each of the things on your lists that are obstructing you from achieving your goal and ask yourself these questions –

  • How does this affect my prospects of achieving my desired objectives? How severely does it affect me?
  • Can I change this?


  • How do I change this?
  • Who do I need to get help from to change this? What is the best, most efficient and fastest way
    to change this?

If NO:

  • Can I afford to just let it be? Will it get better on its own?
  • Can I get outside help from other people in order to change this for the better?
  • Who can I get help from to change this?
  • s there a way to get around this without doing anything about it and still go after my goal anyway?

I’ll create an example of a fact that you might list as a possible obstacle to your goal and apply the above questions (italicised) to them –

“My goal is to write a new book about a topic that will tremendously boost my credibility and hence gain me exponential amounts of new business but I lack the expertise and the knowledge let alone the authority to write such a book.”

How does this affect my prospect of achieving my goal? Without knowledge or expertise of the topic, it is next to impossible for me to write this book. Can I change this? Of course. How? I can acquire that knowledge through study.

Who can I get help from and what’s the best and fastest way forward? Perhaps instead of trying to write it myself, I can interview the experts and authorities in this field and compile my interviews of them into the book I am seeking to write.