Ways to Improve an Abaya Online Shopping Store

The Muslim fashion market is a billion dollar industry, with no signs of slowing down. This is especially true today, with the proliferation of the internet and online shops everywhere. One of the most common online Muslim fashion shops are those selling abayas. If you are running such a store and wish to compete with popular ones like https://hijabdressup.com/, then you need to analyze your site properly and see where it can be improved upon. Let’s look at ways to analyze an abaya online shopping store and improve it efficiently.

Company and Website Profile
One of the first few things anyone running an online abaya store should look at is the company and website profile. This can start with the company and website’s name. Check if the name contains the keyword and/or niche the site intends to target. If it doesn’t, see how this can be incorporated into the website’s subdomain instead. Next, ensure that the industry or niche you wish to target is clearly defined. Are you targeting all Muslim women or just a specific demographic?

After you have clearly identified the name and niche, the next thing to do is to check if there are social media accounts linked to the site. The common and popular social media accounts should include Facebook and Instagram. When setting up such accounts, ensure that the exact company/website name is added at the end of the social media account URLs. If the exact name has been taken, then choose a close variation of it.

Description of Site
An often overlooked aspect of an online site is its description. You need to describe your site clearly, so that visitors instantly know what they can find on it, and whether it suits their needs. For an online abaya store, you can mention that the website is an ecommerce site that offers Muslim women clothings for sale. In addition, you can add the location(s) It is based in, and whether it ships its products to customers locally and worldwide.

Current Content Marketing Efforts​
The content on a website is very crucial in highlighting its products and services, and getting its potential leads to turn into paying customers. As such, check and ensure that your online abaya website displays numerous images and descriptions of the products it offers. In addition, it should ideally have a blog with numerous blog posts to highlight about Muslim women fashion tips, types of products to buy and more. The blog must be updated regularly with fresh and eye catching content.

Next, determine the current content marketing efforts and how it can be improved upon. The best kinds of content marketing involve the distribution of content via the social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram pages, email blasts to subscribers and customers, Facebook Ads, and off-site SEO link building. Check that it has quite a number of quality backlinks, referring domains and ranking organic keywords. In addition, its on-site SEO must be well done, with the URL, title, description tags, alt-image, H1 and H2 tags optimized with keywords on various pages. If all these are done right, the website should have quite a substantial amount of organic, direct and social media traffic coming in each and every day.