Why Do You Need a Quality Thermos?

Whether you are a big fan of cold smoothies or hot soups or halal food in osaka, a thermos malaysia can give you plenty of options to enjoy all of your favorite drinks and foods in the safest way possible even if you are away from the comforts of your home. There are a few things you should know about thermos to help you get started with using these products.

What Can You Put in Your Thermos?
You can use your thermos for packing foods with liquid or sauce such as soup and stew. A thermos will only be able to keep your food cold or hot if it comes with some liquid or sauce. You can also use thermos for packing beverages that must be kept cold such as 100% juice or milk and hot such as tea or coffee.

How Long Should You Keep Food and Beverages in Your Thermos?
Always check and refer to the instructions that come with the thermos to know the right number of hours that it can keep your food or drink safe for consumption. It will be safe for you to eat your food within this timeframe if you stored it steaming hot or at a temperature of more than 165°F or 74°C or cold or at temperatures less than 40°F or 4°C. If not, harmful bacteria might grow and make your food or drink unsafe to consume.

One tip to remember is that after you open a thermos, any leftover must be discarded. If the thermos failed to keep your food cold or hot, don’t eat it. Again, harmful bacteria might have already started growing there, making it unsafe to eat even after reheating. It would be better if you just throw out the unconsumed food and buy a new thermos.

How to Pack Cold Food in a Thermos
Make sure that your thermos is clean in the first place. Follow all the usual practices for food safety. Keep your thermos chilled in the freezer or fridge. You can put water and ice in the thermos and put back its lid on. Allow it to sit for several minutes to cool before removing the water. After you chill your thermos, add your cold drink or food right away and put back the lid on tightly. You need to pack the thermos right before you leave the house to keep your food or drink cold.

How to Pack Hot Food in a Thermos
Always start with a clean and dry thermos and follow all the necessary food safety practices. Fill up the thermos with boiling water to keep it warm. Put back on the lid and allow it to sit for several minutes prior to pouring out the water.  After warming your thermos, add your steaming hot food or boiling hot drinks immediately and place back the lid tightly. Using a thermometer is the best way to ensure that the food or drink is already hot enough.

Take advantage of your thermos and enjoy your favorite drinks and foods to the fullest!